Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Lin is amazingly competent and has had great communication with me about what dental options I might have! The actual dental work she has done for me has been exemplary. Her specialty recommendations for periodontal work have been exceptional.

I will certainly continue seeing her for my primary dental care and would recommend her highly to others!” P. Maxwell

“Very happy with my experience with Dr. Lin and her staff. My mom and husband both are happy with their dental care. Would highly recommend Dr. Lin.”

“The quality of dental care and service I receive from Dr. Lin at Brilliant Dental Care, in Bellevue, is outstanding. It was a very sad day when my previous dentist of 40+ years finally decided to retire. He was the best dentist I had the privilege of knowing up until a few years ago, that’s when Dr. Melisa Lin took over the practice. My experience thus far with Dr. Lin has been amazing. Dr. Lin and her staff are very proficient, thorough and so pleasant to visit for exams and dental work, if required. Dr. Lin has replaced one of my older crowns and recently repaired a cavity, all done quite painlessly. Dr. Lin always follows up work with a phone call to see how I’m feeling and to see if I have any discomfort from recent work performed. The transition from my previous dentist to Dr. Melisa Lin has been virtually seamless and smooth. I’m very grateful to know that my previous dentist cared so much for all his patients that he had to find just the right person to replace him, and that is Dr. Melisa Lin. If you’re looking for a new dentist, Dr. Melisa Lin and her staff at Brilliant Dental Care will be a wonderful experience for you.”

“I have been a patient of Dr. Melisa Lin since she established her practice. Dr. Lin focuses intently on her patients dental health and ensures that all necessary work is done to the highest standard. And, she’s always smiling. Which is good thing for a dentist.” J. Jolley

“Let’s be real who loves to go to the dentist? I was so impressed at the Dentists concern about my comfort offering me water a head rest and blanket. This was my first filing in over twenty years so I was a bit nervous. I have to say she is so gentle, I literally felt nothing! I can say going her is an amazing experience.” G. Masoero

“I have visited numerous dentists and Dr. Melisa Lin exceeded my expectations in which she and her staff exhibited utmost care and professionalism throughout my visit. I primarily went to her for a wisdom teeth removal, in which it was my first one and had little knowledge of how the process would go. Nonetheless, Dr. Lin gave her professional insight and helped steadied my nerves by providing a clear and easy to understand explanation of what will happen during, and after the extraction. The surgery went through smoothly, with Dr. Lin following through with any questions I had. After the surgery, she focused intently on my dental hygiene and healing process. I’ve read some of her reviews and I agree, she is by far the most dedicated dentist I’ve come across. Her work reflects this through her attention to detail, while establishing a constant flow of communication with her patients. Many thanks to Dr. Lin and her staff, she truly exceeded my standards and did an exceptional job.” K. Fu

“Dr. Lin is very professional, patient oriented, thorough, friendly, and any other positive adjective we can think of. Our hygienist was superb as well. We always look forward to our next visits.” T. Osterman

“Dr. Lin is amazingly competent and has had great communication with me about what dental options I might have! The actual dental work she has done for me has been exemplary. Her specialty recommendations for periodontal work have been exceptional. I will certainly continue seeing her for my primary dental care and would recommend her highly to others!”

“Dr. Lin is wonderful! She has both the knowledge and skills to take the best care of your oral health. It is evident that she keeps up to date in her practices and chooses what is best for the patients, not the bank. Dr. Lin is very gentle in her procedures and takes the time to ensure excellent work. Highly recommend to those searching for a family dentist to build a lasting relationship with!”  Rachel W.

“Our first appointment with Dr. Melisa Lin was a pediatric dental appointment for my then only child. Her gentle approach put my son at ease and made the experience fun for both parent and child. Dr. Lin has gone on to become my family of four’s dentist. She has dealt with difficult tooth eruptions through toddler teething days to, TMJ issues with my husband, and my own hyper sensitive teeth. I feel she has the right blend of kindheartedness, professionalism, dedication to her craft, and approachability to allow her to seamlessly take care of all of us in our various dental phases.” Heather M

“Very happy with my experience with Dr. Lin. She’s professional and her staff is courteous and accommodating. The team takes good care of my mom and husband.”

“Dr. Lin is remarkable. She demonstrated her exemplary expertise when she worked on an extremely challenging situation with my elderly father’s teeth. Dr. Lin and her staff’s knowledge and care for her patients exceeds excellent.”  M. Christian

“Dr Lin is one of the most professional, thorough, and kind dentist I’ve ever encountered. She is very gentle with everything she handles and explains every step of the process so I know what to anticipate. Knowing how frustrated I was with my receding gum, she sat me down to observe how I’ve been brushing. A million thanks to Dr. Lin, I learned that I’VE BEEN USING MY ELECTRIC BRUSH INCORRECTLY FOR 10 YEARS! Also, I never get out late, I see them clean EVERYTHING, and free parking. Recommend!!”  Emily in WA

“Dr. Lin is a great dentist for both adults and kids. She always has a huge smile on her face and makes my kids feel at ease when they visited. Her dental skills are the best I’ve experienced, and I have seen quite a few before. Her staffs are friendly, yet professional. It doesn’t hurt that her office is convenient for my regular routine.” Tom K.

“Dr. Lin is an empathetic, professional, and compassionate dentist. She absolutely has your best interest at heart when she performs exams. She gives great tips on how to improve or maintain your oral health in a friendly manner. I highly recommend her.”  Kevin S.

“Dr. Lin was super gentle with my teeth. When I seemed cold during the visit, she would offer me a blanket to keep me warm. I always felt so comfortable that I could sleep through my cleaning. She also reminds me to bring my mouth guard to the visit as well for a free cleaning :)”

“Dr. Lin was super gentle with my teeth that I could sleep through my cleaning with the blanket that they offered me to keep me warm. I look forward to my next appointment with a dentist who I can trust and depend on to prevent or catch any cavities for me.”

“Dr. Lin is an extremely kind, patient and knowledgeable dentist. She and her staff are always very professional, efficient, and thorough. My appointments are always on time and I always get out on time. One other kudos I’d give to this dental office is how thoroughly they clean their equipment between appointments! I actually witnessed them cleaning EVERY SINGLE SURFACE that could’ve possibly come in contact with a patient.”

“Excellent, caring dentist. Very meticulous.” Kenneth L.

“Dr. Lin is professional, caring, and with a gentle touch! Her team is also wonderful.”

“I love how Dr. Lin took the extra time to help me figure out why I continue to experience receding gums despite my switch to an electric toothbrush 10 years ago. My previous dental office often assumed that I wasn’t practicing good oral hygiene at home and would simply “remind” me to brush twice a day and floss daily despite me telling them I’ve been consistently doing that at each visit. Dr. Lin actually sat me down and asked me to demonstrate to her HOW I use my electric toothbrush and she was able to pin point what I was doing wrong. It turns out I was applying too much pressure and dragging the toothbrush along my teeth, which lead to the gum damage. For this I’m forever thankful to Dr. Lin’s attention to detail and dedication to patient education.”

“What I look for in my dentist is skill, knowledge, compassion, honesty, and integrity. I don’t care much for the bells and whistles of fancy office decor and TV screens; bottom line is, is my teeth getting the care it needs? Dr. Lin checks off the list, and then some. Among the dentists I’ve come across, she is by far the most dedicated professional I have met. You can tell even from her simple, easy to understand explanations that she keeps up to date with dentistry-related developments, and that she cares for you as a patient and a person. I really appreciate this care-driven dental office, amidst the corporate, in-and-out, impersonal dental chains that are popping up nowadays.” R. W.